Professional Hair Color Trend: Fresh Year Fresh Look

As we come in to a new year, everyone is all aglow with the promise of new experiences and fresh starts. Professional hair color offers an easy way to create a dynamic, new look. Your clients will look to you to become their agent of change. Our job is to keep you up-to-the-minute on all the hottest new hair color trends. Winter’s hair color trends inevitably bring a cooling of the summer’s warm, carefree locks. Hairstyles tend towards richer, more sophisticated looks. This winter the hottest professional hair color looks are “au natural”…but not entirely. Go for natural shades that are glammed up and intensified. Think Jennifer Aniston’s light brown locks brightened up by golden highlights throughout and baby-blonde highlights at the tips.

About Advanced Coloration

Advanced Coloration was born out of a desire to initiate change in the professional hair color industry. Commercial trends have been running in opposition to the salon professional for over a decade. Companies that once reserved their hair color products exclusively for salon professionals began to disconnect themselves. They began marketing their hair color products to drugstores, grocery stores, and low-end department stores. By doing so, they have removed much of the professionalism and artistry from professional hair color. Since then we have watched helplessly as costs have continued to escalate and industry standards have further deteriorated. Frustrated with these trends, and determined to seek out change, one industry maverick has traveled the globe challenging chemists to reach beyond industry norms and develop the most technologically advanced professional hair color available. As a result, Advanced Coloration’s micro-pigment technology was born. Our professional hair color products offer the purest color pigment, the lowest ammonia content, and the most advanced conditioning formula available to bring you vibrant, long-lasting color and luminous shine. Advanced Coloration professional hair color products are exclusively available to salon professionals. It is our mission to reintroduce artistry, expertise, and profit back into your salon’s professional hair color services.