Advanced Coloration Client testimonial

I first wish to say thank Ms Sonia because if it was not for her and her amazingness to understand my frustration and kind heart i am pretty sure i would not be proudly writing this!

My story is not something important or inspirational. There is no magic or fairy dust that poof fixed my problems. The problem I caused, and I alone was the one to blame for my stupidity and being impatient. What in the world do you think I am talking about? Hair! Yup I said it this disaster of a mess I got myself into has to do with my hair.

Well, a few months ago I was having a very rough time. I was juggling a full load of class work, struggling with health issues, and trying to still have somewhat of a social life. Advance Coloration had just relocated to a new spot and I had no idea were they moved to. My hair started to grow out and my hair needed a touch up on the color that i had at the time. I had absolutely no time to find a salon i would trust to dye my hair, and i had know clue were Ms Sonia new salon was. So i do what most people do, i decided to buy a box dye. Now if you do not know why box dyes are so bad please do me the favor and just put the box down. If you are those people that always use box dye and nothing ever bad happen i can assure you it has, you just don’t know or haven’t notice “yet” that it has. Box dyes were once great very good dyes, back in the fifty anyways. Yup the reason why they are so cheap is because one whats in them and two because its the formula that they used back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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