We know it has been a while since we wrote in our Blog…we apologize for that as we have been so busy talking with all the great new Advanced Coloration stylists who have changed their Professional Hair Color line us in the past few months. We are back to communicating and you will find that several times per week we will be blogging. You ask “What are you going to Blog about?” Well we are going to blog about YOU the amazing stylists who use our products. We want to profile you and your salon and most importantly your amazing color transformations on your clients.

How will we do that? We are asking you to email to our sales and marketing director Christine a BEFORE and AFTER photo or video clip of your client when you have used Advanced Coloration. GIve us your info, Name, Salon Name and years as a stylist. Also tell us what you did with our products to achieve those amazing results. We will use your profile on our blog and it will post to our Facebook Page and Twitter Page so that everyone can see what a “SUPERSTAR” you are. Please email all submissions to christine@advancedcoloration.com then check back on our blog or facebook page or twitter at ACColorUSA to see yourself soon.

Our tip to you today is start making a Before and After Profile Book for your use at your chair with clients. Pictures tell way more than you can by just speaking so pull out that phone or camera and start taking pictures to show. For more details on how to show case these items check back tomorrow on our blog and I will give you some ways to show them off on all sorts of technology and will really impress your customers and get you more color clients!

Hope your day was in “High Definition Color!”