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At Advanced Coloration we share your passion for hair.  You are an artist - driven to create and cultivate style and beauty.  Your client is your work-of-art and our professional hair colors are your inspiration.

Our rich Italian colors will ignite your imagination and infuse new life and luminosity into your color palette.

Our product prices will reduce your inventory costs and increase your salon profits.

Our unparalleled, preservative-free color technology will help you realize your vision of becoming a leader in a new era of beauty and sustainability. 

Low ammonia

Advanced Coloration professional hair color products maximize the rich coloring capabilities of ammonia while minimizing damage to the hair.  We use less than 0.5% ammonia in our products – just enough to process the color effectively without drying out the hair.  Color will stop processing after 30 minutes, so leaving color on longer will not damage the hair or darken the target color.

Most other hair color products contain 3-4% ammonia which continues to process color and inflict damage on hair until it dissipates several hours later.  MEA (monoethanolamine) is even more harmful.  Hair color products that claim to contain zero ammonia have most likely substituted it with MEA.  As a liquid, MEA can process color for up to two weeks after it’s first applied, increasing hair dryness.

With our unique micro-pigment technology, your clients will experience virtually no color fading, no damage or dryness, little or no scalp irritation or staining, and a light, pleasant smell in place of the pungent ammonia odor.

Simply…they will experience the best hair color available. 

Gorgeous Italian Color

Our professional hair color products are developed and manufactured in Italy – the art, beauty and fashion centre of the world.  We offer you an extensive color palette of 71 true tone inspired shades.  Our micro-pigment technology (LINK TO COLOR CHEMISTRY) enables more color to be deposited into each hair shaft for more vibrant, long-lasting color. 

Color Correctors

To make things easier for you, we’ve taken the guessing game out of the color formulation process.  Every shade at every level of the Advanced Coloration system has been carefully formulated to counteract residual pigment undertones.  We’ve added a specific amount of color corrector to each shade so you don’t have to.  Just apply the color formula and you’ll obtain your desired color.

Dazzling Reds

Red is bold and beautiful...but it’s also prone to fading.  With our micro-pigment technology, our reds are bolder, more vibrant and longer-lasting than ever before.

Higher Lifts

Our professional hair color products use a higher ratio of peroxide to achieve lighter lights than any other color line.  We also use a slightly higher level of ammonia (still less than 1%) to help open up the hair cuticle to remove the natural color.  A small amount of color is deposited into the hair shaft along with our soothing conditioning complex.  The hair is left soft, shiny, and luminous.

 Complete Grey Coverage

With Advanced Coloration’s breakthrough micro-pigment technology , every shade in our professional hair color line offers complete, long-lasting grey coverage.  There’s no longer any need to add neutral or gold tones to your shades.  If you wish, you can apply our Natural series as your target color, but you no longer have to use it as an additive to try to match another shade in the collection.

 Joker tool

Our Joker tool is your wild card.  Use it to add extra color brilliancy to any shade.  You can also use it to lift ¼ level more in the superlighteners or standard shades.  Because of its slighter higher ammonia level (still less than 1%) it’s very effective for coloring stubborn, color-resistant hair.

Toners ~ Intensifiers ~ Correctors ~ Superlighteners

Although each of our shades already contains a specific amount of color corrector, you are free to experiment with more.  Our correctors/intensifiers, toners, and superlighteners can be used to create a limitless palette of vibrant Italian colors.

Our six color correctors/intensifiers enhance desired tones or remove unwanted color.  Our Natural Ash series can also be used as correctors.

Our 4 superlighteners lift color with amazing results.

Two powder lighteners (blue and white) offer maximum lift and superior staying power.

A toner is rarely required.

 Unique Conditioning Formula

It should come as no surprise that the best hair color available also offers the best conditioning complex.  Advanced Coloration’s unique conditioning complex has been forty years in the making to bring you the best conditioning formula that mimics the hair’s natural keratin.

Our micro-pigment technology enables the hair shaft to close more easily, sealing the conditioning formula into the hair shaft for beautiful, luminous shine.

Other hair color products that use higher levels of ammonia or MEA, leave the hair shaft damaged and open.  The conditioner simply washes away.

 Demi-permanent color

Because our professional hair color products contain virtually no ammonia, you achieve “true” demi-permanent results when you mix any of our shades with our revealer processor.

With the Advanced Coloration system, there is no need to purchase a separate demi-permanent inventory.    

Delayed Oxidation Technology

Our delayed oxidation technology ensures that hair color oxidizes after being deposited into the hair shaft, not on your client’s scalp.  This gives you more control and gives your client, richer, more uniform color.


We believe that true beauty is sustainable.  We know that what’s better for the planet is also better for your client’s hair.  That’s why our professional hair color products are made entirely free from preservatives.

Our hair color products are sent to you with vastly reduced packaging and all of our mixing information is available online to further reduce paper waste.