* If YOU, the stylist, won't try Advanced Coloration (the most awesome cutting edge hair color out there!) that makes you like the grey haired customer who refuses to update THEIR look with color. Clinging to old color technology is like insisting "Mall Bangs" are the hottest hair fashion out there!

Kim Holbert, Amici Salon , Augusta, Ga

* has too many benefits to list! As a stylist (and human) time and money is very important to me. Right away the benefits showed of a lower cost investment than my previous color line. It saves me so much time daily behind the chair not to have to mix so many colors as my previous line required. No more filling and No mo......re N's mixed with reds are my biggest excitement! Advanced coloration rocks!

KIM Cabrera, owner Park West Salon, Savannah, Ga

* This is truly the dawn of a New Era!! Words cannot Express the Success we have acheived using this state of the art color technology!! Kudos to you all!!

Marc Hafele owner of Impulse Salon & Day Spa, Indianna

* OMG I think I am in love I did two clients today and used 6GC it was gorgeous, then I did a foil alt between bleach 7nw and 10gv I am soooo excited, the highlite I did her hair felt better afterward. Great shine.Take care, I will be placing a much bigger order very soon.

Edie Tedeschi, NY


I just recently switched out my color line to Advanced Coloration and my clients love it. I have had several call me and tell me that they don't want me to use any other color on their hair....can't believe the condition and the shine....it's incredible!!! Just did a client the other day, used 2 underneath and mixed ...equal parts 5.55 & 5.22 for the rest of the hair. Beautiful rich hair color....she was smiling all the way out the door. Glad I found Advanced Coloration!!

Pamela Grant....Burney,California


Just started using this line and my clients cannot believe how shiny their hair looks after a color service, and with no serum. To quote one client after looking at her hair..."It's weird how shiny it is." Clients have become accustomed to their hair smelling like chemicals, feeling dry and looking flat and their color... (and money spent) washing down the drain. No more! I expect my clients friends will be coming in very soon!

Amanda Noyes, Flagler Beach, Fla


A new stylist of mine was shocked at how my clients hair came out after using 40vol and the white bleach. She could not believe it wasn't fried! Not with this bleach! It's awesome and so is the Ice toner. NO YELLOW!

 Lauren Glahn,  owner of Salon Brichelle


I have been using Advanced Coloration since February and I love it!!! There is no guessing with the color! What's on the swatch is what you get!!!

Rachel Feltrop ...House of Beauty Salon & Spa , Cumming, Ga


This is the best color line I have ever used! It makes my job easier than ever. My clients are so happy with the shine and condition. Everyone should try it.

Lisa..Atlanta, Ga