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What’s PH Got to do with it? How to stop hair color fade out

What’s PH got to do with how your beautiful new expensive hair color fades?  Actually everything!

Have you not ever gotten a beautiful hair color at a salon and then the next week begun to see it fade ( especially you Red Girls! I know you know !)?

Just a quick Chemistry lesson here can help you retain that beautiful color for weeks or even months!

Here is the definition of PH: In chemistrypH (Potential Hydrogen) is a measure of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution.[1] Pure water is neutral, with a pH close to 7.0 at 25 °C (77 °F). Solutions with a pH less than 7 are said to be acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 arebasic or alkaline.  This was taken from Wikipedia.

PH matters to your hair and hair color because the higher the PH is of a product or hair color the more it opens your hair cuticle.

Okay in simpler terms if you hair cuticle is opened and not returned to a closed natural state the hair color you have just gotten will simply wash right out and even for those that do not color increased PH levels in products result in dry and dull hair.

Most hair care shampoo and conditioner’s on the market whether you buy Salon products or a product from a drug store they use Citric Acid, or other forms of natural acids to drop the PH Level of their products when they are manufactured. Sounds pretty harmless right?

Well the problem lies here… acids like Citric are unstable and will evaporate , dissipate  and when they does it raises the PH level of your shampoo and conditioners.  It may start out at a level that will not open the hair cuticle but as you open and close the lid or leave it open ( yes you know you do!) in your shower it raises to levels that open the hair cuticle. By the way they call this PH Balanced in the Industry.

So what kind of hair care products does not raise in PH? Those that are PH Based or made with a good blend of surfactants. These are good natural based elements that are blended together much like a good wine produces a STABILIZED PH shampoo and conditioner and thus the PH will never go to a level to open the hair cuticle.  Even if you left it open in the shower for many many days.

So where can you find  these PH based Shampoo and Conditioners that also contain no SLS ( detergents we have discussed this in other blogs) and also no Paraben? Actually at your local salon that carries Advanced Hair Care Products like Color Lock and Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioners.  If you need to locate a salon in your area simply email us at or call 1-877-50-COLOR.

If you want to keep your locks shiny, bouncy, and retain that expensive hair color with a “GOOD FOR YOU” natural PH Based shampoo or offer it to your clients then you have to get these products right away.

BREAKING NEWS: 1 Gallon Salon Back Bar AC Shampoo and Conditioner is Here!


BREAKING NEWS:  Advanced Coloration announces our New Salon Back Bar Shampoo and Conditioner!  NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

This is just a few comments from our Facebook page!

Awesome! Can’t wait for the Back Bar Gallons! I use your shampoo exclusively and EVERYONE absolutely loves it! The travel sizes would make great trial versions! Almost everyone who uses the samples I send home with them ends up purchasing a full size bottle!  Taken from Face Book from a fan Tammy Bristow of Color Soft Salon in Georgia.

Omg I’m first in line! from another Face Book Fan and Stylist Kelly Thompson.


Today we get to let everyone know that the “Best Shampoo and Conditioner on Earth” with all its ACTIVE ORGANIC INGREDIENT goodness is now available in a 1 gallon with pump Back Bar Professional Salon size!  We know it has been a long time coming but good things come to those that wait.

You can login and place your orders now and you will receive a FREE Designer Pump for your first time orders for each product.

How much will a gallon cost?

It will be $58.00 per gallon for any of the 4 products, Color Lock or Nourishing, Shampoo and Conditioner. That is equal to about .45 cents per ounce and a significant savings to the salon versus our current retail packaging size of 16.9 ounces which costs about .70 cents per ounce.

We are very excited about our Packaging! It is a beautiful crystal clear square with a handle gallon with a designer 1 oz dispensing pump…it will look awesome in your salon and dispense the amount of product you need as well as keeping your costs low.

We are also excited to announce that in the next few weeks we also will be repackaging the Shampoo and Conditioners in a 2 oz Travel or Trial Size and 8oz, the new packaging is so beautiful and will really stand out and represent the product on your salon retail display.
We will keep our current 16.9 oz until we sell out of them then convert them to match the new packaging. So you have choices!

Also by POPULAR DEMAND we will be making sure you can figure out which one is Shampoo and Conditioner with a much larger Print.  We have heard from the comments and the change will be made.

Advanced Coloration is growing! We are so happy to offer new packaging to our salon partners so place your orders today! We are just getting started!!!!!

This is why we do what we do…how our products helped this amazing woman.

Sometimes people think other people go into business just to make money. Well for some that may be true for those of us whom work long hard hours to passionately bring our amazing Advanced Coloration Hair Color and Supporting Hair Care System to people who really need it…it is not about the money it is about truly helping others.

We have attached a emotional and amazing story that was shared with us recently from one of our new clients , her name is Angela, and she  battles a medical condition that this common to many.  As if they have not endured the pain of the illness enough the medications that help them battle their pain does not do good things for their hair. She came to us seeking a solution and we are so grateful we could provide one for her. Her story told by her is on the video link below.

If you wondering why we do what what we do? If  you are wondering if our products are all really effective and can improve your hair then watch this video and understand what our products did for this sweet soft spoken woman and how our Advanced Coloration Products truly transformed her hair back to beautiful condition and made her feel whole again.

If we can help you in anyway please message us at or call 1-877-50-COLOR

We really are passionate about helping others…just click on the link below to see for yourself.


A Transformation back to Beautiful Story