Our Color Lock Line protects and nourishes colored hair. Formulated with the powerful
antioxidative properties of Green Tea Extract and Vitamin E, our Color Lock products
surround hair with a protective layer that locks in color for ultra long-lasting intensity while
blocking damage caused by free radicals.

An Ultra-Reflective Shine

Light-reflecting ingredients, Quaternium-87 and Dimethicone, create a strong reflective
“mirror” effect that boosts hair’s ability to reflect light. This enhances hair’s natural color
radiance and shine.

Enriched With Natural Botanical Ingredients

Our Color Lock Line is enriched with organic active ingredients specially formulated to hydrate
and protect the hair.

Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols and antioxidants, which naturally invigorate hair and
guard against free radical damage.

Vitamin E has powerful antioxidative properties that protect hair from free radical damage
caused by pollution in the atmosphere.

Rice Oil contains y-Orizanol, a natural UV filter that shields hair and color from the sun’s
damaging rays.

Oat Extract is known for its volumizing and hydrating capabilities.
Orchid Extract creates an intensely nourishing and emollient experience.
Sunflower Extract has powerful shine-enhancing properties.
Icelandic Lichen Extract has been recognized for its deep hydrating and softening


Our Color Lock Shampoo is the best shampoo available for treating damaged or color-treated
hair. This rich, hydrating formula contains powerful antioxidants and cationic polymers that
form a protective barrier around the hair to lock in color while preventing free radical damage.
Our Color Lock Shampoo soothes and repairs damaged hair for a luscious, luminous look.
How to Use: Apply on damp hair. Leave on for 2 minutes. Comb through and rinse well.

Our Color Care Conditioner is the ultra-hydrating experience for damaged, sensitive or colortreated
hair. Like our Color Lock Shampoo, this antioxidant-rich complex protects hair and
prolongs color life. Light-reflecting ingredients create a beautiful, natural-looking sheen. Our
highly advanced, anti-oil conditioning formula softens and soothes damaged hair without
leaving any greasy residue.

How to Use: Apply on damp ends. Leave on for 4-5 minutes. Comb through and rinse well.