This one is for the Guys and the Ladies too!

Today we are posting an article directed at the Guys out there yet Ladies this affects you too!

This article came to us via an on-line resource called the “How to Naturally Increase Testosterone”.

Men – Is Your Shampoo Causing Low Testosterone?

Hidden deep within all those words you can’t pronounce on the ingredients label of your shampoo bottle is a host of chemicals known as “xenoestrogens”.  These are synthetic forms of the female hormone estrogen but, unlike natural estrogen, these chemical-based “mutant estrogens” are very difficult for your body to dispose of.  Instead, they’re trapped away in your fat cells and disrupt the natural balance of male hormones, literally transforming men into women (no kidding!).

The results can be symptoms like increased body fat (especially in the chest area, commonly known as gynocomastia or “man boobs”),lower sex driveloss of muscle tissue, and even sexual problems like erectile dysfunction (E.D.).

So what can you do about it?

Step 1:  Avoid These Shampoo Ingredients

Pull out your shampoo bottle and look for these common testosterone-destroying ingredients:

Parabens – Parabens are in 90% of all personal care products and are used as a preservative to increase the shelf life of shampoos and conditioners.  Studies have shown a direct link between paraben exposure and low-testosterone (and even breast cancer). Get rid of any shampoo with an ingredient that ends in “–paraben” (such as methylparabenbutylparaben, and so on).

Sulfates – You’ll find that most shampoos contain an ingredient such as “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” and “Sodium Laureth Sulfate”.  These are responsible for that thick lather of foam you’re programmed to believe is responsible for cleaning your hair.  They’re also the same ingredient used in car engine degreasers and car-wash soap foams.  But on your head, these sulfates quickly enter your bloodstream and have been linked to everything from excessive estrogen load to malformation of the eyes in children.  Chuck them in the trash!

Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol – These common “organic” alcohols are used in everything from antifreeze to oven cleaners… and as a fragrance stabilizer for shampoos and lotions.  Unfortunately, they tend to break down the structure of your cells to allow rapid absorption of the other xenoestrogens in your shampoo for a shotgun blast of female hormones straight into your bloodstream.

Here are some additional tips for buying a “testosterone-friendly” shampoo:

  • You can search online for natural shampoos.  Just because your shampoo says “Organic” on the front label, doesn’t mean it isn’t guilty of harboring toxic chemicals.  This is a common scam used by greedy hair product companies to fool you into overlooking their estrogen-loaded shampoos and conditioners.  Read the ingredients anyway! Products like AC Hair Care Active Organic Shampoo and Conditioners are a good choice.
  • Don’t fall prey to believing that you need thick suds to clean your hair.  You don’t!  Natural shampoos don’t lather up like more commercial brands because they don’t contain the toxic foaming agents you want to stay away from.  Your hair will still get clean without the bubbles and you’ll protect your manhood in the process.

Ladies, The same toxic chemicals mentioned in this article affect your hormones too and in general your biochemistry of our body when these toxic chemicals are absorbed via your scalp.

Informed is important! The FDA of the US is not protecting anyone. It is up to you to know how to determine if something is really organic or healthy for you!

If you have any questions or would like to make the switch to a shampoo and conditioner that does not contain these toxic ingredients and that will actually improve the condition of your hair please contact us at or 1-877-50-Color. We will assist you in locating a salon to purchase these products from or help you obtain them if a salon that stocks it is not in your area yet.

At AC our corporate mission is to bring “truly” healthy beauty products to people everywhere!

Following Directions…

After many, many hours of research and discovery, a company will produce a new product. With all the resources available to them, they work out a set of instructions that when precisely used will create a specific result.

This would be the “standard procedure” for using that product.

The product is then marketed and sold to the consumer.

When the consumer uses the product and follows the directions exactly they get exact results, however, if they do not follow the instructions they do not get the results they expected.

In years gone by, I would purchase an item, take it home, pull it out of the box, and start to put it together. Normally I would get three quarters of the way into it… run into trouble, curse, jump up and down… and finally, after all the frustration, I’d read the instructions.

99% of the time I had skipped a step, left something out or put it together upside down. This would end up costing me more time than just reading the instructions from the start.

It is human nature to blame the product rather than to look at the way one has used that particular product.

The result of the above example cost me a lot of time (and a bit of a blow to my pride) but in a salon situation, when it comes to your clients and the results you achieve in business; the ramifications have far greater consequences.

Over the years I have worked with quite a number of people who are true professionals and leaders in their fields. They have been hairdressers, actors, photographers, make-up artists, carpenters, musicians, pilots; nearly any profession you can name. There’s one thing they all have in common: they understand the laws or rules in the area they work in.

While I myself am a great believer in “bending the rules” or “pushing the limits”  there is a big difference between bending the rules because they are known and throwing rules aside and making up your own procedure without understanding why the rules and procedures are there from the start.

AC Products are in many ways not that much different in how they are formulated or used by the Professional Hair Stylist or Colorist. There are a few significant points of difference.  First it is micro molecule hair color and very low ammonia at .5% and contains amazing healthy conditioning formula. It’s not the same old color you’ve been using with a different label. Thus treating it like it is the same is the only thing that makes this product not work for the Stylist.

These differences mean that there are some vital differences and changes in procedure (and subsequently you get better results).

When a manufacturer supplies instructions it is for the benefit of the customer – so that the consumer can get the product that they purchased.

You can look over our procedures if you log in to our account and go to the manual, come take our certification classes or even arrange for a personal session with our Educators.

We discovered that every time a Stylist or Colorist has had a problem with AC Color they have done something other than following the procedure relevant to that head of hair or situation. The people that have had the most success with AC Color have followed the standard procedures and understand the rules in play.

With AC Color and the post color care and styling products you have an opportunity to revolutionize your color business. The key thing is that you understand what it is and how to use it.

It is Low Ammonia (you must have ammonia or MEA or some other form of chemical to open the hair cuticle, this is color chemistry 101). AC Color is actually easier to use, it’s true to the color chart, it lasts longer, gives you the most vibrant reds, etc. It can produce results in clients that cannot be obtained with other color lines for example 100% Grey Coverage with No need to add “N” , lift a client 9 levels with our bleach without damaging the hair, even never over process a client again even if you leave the color on 12 hours!!!


I know it all sounds too good to be true….


It is the future of hair color. Just understand its differences, understand the procedure and start creating a whole new color game for yourself!

To understand the differences of the AC Line and experience for yourself instead of just taking “our word” about it look at some of our before and after photos, set up a demo for yourself, come to a class and see that the line has just a couple of key standard procedures and you will become more than just a colorist you will be a color Expert to your clients and that one thing they can’t do without!

AC is changing the way Professional Hair Color is done without sacrificing performance! Not to mention we are putting profit back in your business as well! Yes that’s right we cost on average 65% less than the other lines.

Change can be a good thing especially when you have the proper knowledge!  You can text your first name to 770-609-4590 for more info.

Have a Shiny Hair Day! 

A Testimonial Direct From a Client Out of the Chair

This video shows just how this nice lady, very typical of the older clientele you might have in your chair tells how she was able to Cover her Grey Hair with AC Color and do it without the itching, burning and sensitivities that she had experienced with other color lines. The video was shot in the Advanced Coloration training salon so pardon the audio. We thought you all would rather hear from an actual client than us just how gentle yet high performance this color line is. We will start posting more of these types of testimonials so come back and visit us soon!Customer Talks About NO itch, No Burn from AC Hair Color


We announced yesterday we are looking to Profile our current and new AC Color Stylists work in our blog and we will be posting them in the near future as a video series. The first 5 stylists to submit a Before and After Success Story to me along with pictures that support it will receive a Free Color Lock Shampoo and Conditioner. Email them to me ( Sales & Marketing Director) at

Today’s tip on showcasing your work and getting more color clients!
1. Place a nice video screen in your waiting area or your front desk space that rotates and show cases your Before and After Client Photos. You can even use a Digital Frame they are very easy and inexpensive to use.
2. Go “Old School” and make a photo book that you can show to the clients.
and if you have an iPad there is an app that you can get called eBook Magic that you can develop an ebook easily that you can organize your photos in a nice book format and use it as well to showcase your work.

PICTURES sell! Do a little work now or if you are technically challenged find a friend or even your kids can help you do these projects.

We have found the story of the Before and After Pictures of our color and how it transforms the client from dry and dull to Shiny and Beautiful is a very powerful business development tool.


Advanced Coloration NEW ITALIAN GLOSSER is here !

We are VERY excited about our Italian hair glosser 3.5 with added SHINE enhancer ! All the way from the fashion capitol of the world…. Italy….our Advanced Coloration Professional hair color has added another amazing developer that is stabilized ! No itch and no harsh smell in our hair color and developers! You may use the Italian glosser as a toner and also as a conditioner to repair clients hair that has been previously damaged. Go to for more.